Why You Should Learn Hangul – First! Foremost!!

It’s the Korean writing system. It was created to make language learning simple and easy. And believe me, it is. Of course, being able to read in the same speed as a native Korean is something that’ll take you many, many years to achieve but learning Hangul is extremely easy. Especially if you compare it to Japanese for example, which uses three writing systems. 🙂

Please don’t rely on romanization!…

Unlike the romanization of the Japanese language, romanized Korean is often not a very good representation of how the words are pronounced. But if you can read hangul, you’ll know exactly how the words are pronounced since there are relatively few exceptions!

I created this program for you to learn Hangul just in 4 sessions! Try this first session with me and you’ll know how easy it is!

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Korean Language Class Level: Beginner 1

Pre-requisite: None.

Class Schedule: Aug 30th, 2017.

Class Time: @ 8:10PM – 9PM PST (50 minutes)

Class Objective: We will cover the Korean alphabet (Hangul) – simple vowels and simple consonants. Emphasis is on skill building of the Hangul reading, writing, listening and pronunciation.

Course Method

  • Lecture
  • Skype / Hangouts
  • Online Whiteboard

Course Material

  • Textbook (PDF file) Beginner 1A, Beginner 1B, Hangul Sheet : I highly encourage you to print all 3 for this and future upcoming classes! You will need it.
  • Homework Assignment

Attendance, Class size

  • Classes are held 50 minutes.
  • Small, personalized group classes.

Pay Now (PayPal)Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.39.28 AM

  • One time payment will secure your seat to this session.
  • You will receive session enrollment confirmation via email after payment. (Please allow at least 4-6 hours.)