Korean Dialect Coach, Script & Dialogue Translator in Los Angeles for TV, Movie Productions, and You

Does your script have a few lines or even a few pages of dialogue in Korean?

I have translated script/dialogue and dialect coach for large productions like “Castle” ABC and several TV pilots for TNT, CBS, etc. I provide M4A – pronunciation guides and phonetic spelling. I meet with actors for rehearsal and on set. I coach actors who are not speakers of Korean to sound as though they speak it natively. I provide last-minute script changes and coach actors on any additional lines you may need during a shoot.

Please note, I work at a deeper level of meaning. After reading the whole script, I will want to render the lines in a voice that is consistent with the character and the style of the writing using words that make sense in context. Ask for details and rates.

Behind the Scenes & On the set of “CASTLE” Season 8 Episode 14 – Korean Dialect Coach, Script & Dialogue Translator in Los Angeles