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“I currently work in the service industry and work with a lot of Korean speaking clients. A co-worker who speaks Korean suggested that I learn some Korean to help make life easier on myself when I’m alone in the office. So considering that a very good idea, I started searching online for Korean lessons and found Suebeet. I am not Asian and didn’t have any experience with any Asian languages so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been taking classes now with Suebeet for about 2 months. I am so glad that I found her! There are a lot of teachers out there so you could end up with anyone and you don’t know if their teaching style will be compatible with your learning style. Suebeet’s teaching style is perfect for me! The lessons are fun and engaging. She presents the information in digestible chunks that are easy to assimilate for the dedicated learner. I highly recommend Suebeet for anyone who is serious about learning Korean. With her you can’t go wrong!” – Eric A.

“I am Korean, and had never learned to read and write.  Over time I increasingly began to lose my ability to speak the language properly as well.  I tried Korean classes and for one work reason or another, would not make one class, which would then cause me to fall entirely behind, and then I would have to re-register and have the same thing happen again.  Enter Teacher Suebeet!  Learning from her has been fun, easy, and surprisingly very enjoyable.  She is dexterous in her teaching and is able to pick up on certain brain quirks, quickly changing the method to help with the comprehension if one way is not applying.  My work schedule is quite demanding and most of the time I cannot prepare with my studies sufficiently prior to our next session; she customized our program to study with me during the lessons and now I am not overwhelmed with having too much on my plate and viewing learning Korean as an additional stressor.  I’m so so so so happy that I followed through with this and am so so so happy she exists – being able to do it over Skype is also a critical factor in my ability to continue achieving this lifelong dream.  She is the best and I heart her.” – Smith C.

“I have been studying with Suebeet for the past several months now and it has been exactly what I was looking for. I only spoke Korean for the first few years of my life but gradually forgot quite a bit as the years went on. Then I took a trip to Korea this past spring and realized I wanted to improve my skills, both speaking and reading/writing. I realized that I would only have gotten so far trying to do things on my own (and probably would have rapidly lost motivation doing it solo), so I’m very glad I was able to find her as my teacher. The lessons are challenging but enjoyable. I do a good amount of homework during the week, then we meet once or twice a week over Skype to go over the homework, as well as to receive additional instruction. The homework ranges from textbook learning (vocab, grammar, reading comprehension, etc), to watching korean dramas/tv shows and writing up summaries that we discuss. The lessons are very flexible and she tailors them to what your needs are. My work schedule is somewhat erratic and she always works around them. She is very friendly and approachable, and has deep knowledge of the Korean language and is able to make things very relatable and easy to understand. I have realized quickly that I have so much to learn, but have already seen improvements and feel more confident in my vocabulary, as well as my speaking abilities. I look forward to continue learning and thank you!” – Jonathan P.

“I have nothing but good things to write about learning Korean from Suebeet. I’ve come a long way in a pretty short period of time. Would recommend.” – Mike D.

“I have been studying Korean with Suebeet for the past few months and it has been a great experience.  Since I only had some background with speaking and understanding Korean, Suebeet was able to teach me how to read as well as learn the fundamentals easily.  Also, she was even able to correct some of the words I thought were correct since I was a child.  Overall, I highly recommend her tutoring service for anyone who wants to learn and/or improve their Korean.” – Alex V.

“It’s been hard for me to find time to take regular Korean classes. That’s why I was so happy to find Suebeet’s online classes. She provides a very flexible syllabus that caters to your schedule and preferred learning methods. For any busy professional or someone who doesn’t have the time to attend regular classes, Suebeet’s flexible tutoring is the best way to go. I highly recommend her.” – Calvin S.

“I have been studying with Suebeet since April, and I have already learned so much. She explains things clearly and connects them in a meaningful way. I had tried to learn on my own, but without a real context for learning the material, it was going frustratingly slowly. My lessons with Suebeet have been challenging and enjoyable. I am really amazed at how much I already know and understand. She also gives excellent guidance on how to approach the material on my own through flashcards and homework. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn with someone who is easy going but still dedicated to staying on task.” – Michelle F.

“I’ve used Suebeet as my Korean language tutor for some time now and she is great.  We conduct my lessons via Skype and she is always flexible in working with my schedule.  What really separates Suebeet, however, is that she understands your personal goals and tailors the lesson and your course work according to those needs.  I am fairly advanced in Korean, but Suebeet has helped me take my language skills to the next level.  In addition, Suebeet always has a good attitude and makes learning enjoyable – even after a long day of work.  I highly recommend Suebeet to any person looking to learn or improve their Korean.” – Christian K.

“Learning Korean from scratch with Suebeet has been a wonderful experience. She is a very patient and understanding tutor, who makes learning very easy, and fun at the same time. I am very confident that I will continue to learn and grow in my use of the language as we continue to work together. I would absolutely recommend Suebeet as a tutor for anyone wanting to learn Korean.” – Chris K.

“I’m so glad that I found Suebeet as my Korean teacher. I have been continuously learning Korean but it’s really hard to master a language just by myself.  I really enjoy our Skype sessions since I have a really busy work schedule and won’t be able to take in class courses. I have been with Suebeet for a month now, and I do feel like that I’ve advanced my Korean a lot! I would definitely recommend her to anyone that’s interested in learning Korean.” – Yi W.

Suebeet is the best language teacher I’ve ever learned from, hands down. I always leave our sessions feeling like I’ve advanced my understanding and knowledge, and she’s not afraid to challenge you with after-class homework either. On top of all that, she’s a friendly and easy-going person, which is very important when you’re meeting multiple days a week for months and months. I strongly recommend her to anybody interested in learning Korean!” – Jake P.

“I am so happy that I have found such a great tutor. Suebeet is very friendly and funny which makes the lessons enjoyable. She is flexible for timing since I have a full-time job as well as a startup, and makes arrangements to suit your needs. I am happy that I found her and would recommend to all interested in learning Korean :)” – Zachary P.

“Suebeet is a great Korean language teacher.  I especially love how we can do Skype lessons.  She has a specific curriculum designed – textbooks and all –  for learning Korean, as opposed to casual conversational stuff.  My Korean language is pretty basic, growing up listening to basic Korean stuff from my parents.  Suebeet is well organized, up-to-date, very friendly, highly competent.  I highly recommend her.” – Jenny Y.

“Suebeet has been a great Korean teacher for my 3 year old son! He is very shy and timid but he quickly adjusted to her and the classes. I feel like he improves every week with new words and new phrases. She makes the class fun for my son and is very patient with him as well. He looks forward to his Korean classes. I highly recommend Suebeet for anyone at any age who wants to learn Korean for the first time or you’re just trying to improve your Korean!” – Minnie C.

“My 8-year old daughter began private Korean language lessons with Suebeet almost 3 months ago (two 90-minute lessons per month) and she really loves her lessons.  Suebeet is very personable and keeps my daughter highly engaged throughout the 90-minute lessons.  More importantly, my daughter is learning quickly and efficiently – she has already learned the Korean alphabet and a number of vocabulary words and is eager to learn more with each lesson.  I highly recommend Suebeet if you have school-age children who are seeking to learn to read, speak and write Korean!” – Juliet O.

“I have been taking classes with Suebeet since last year to help improve my Korean language skills.  I have noticed all areas of improvement since taking her lessons: reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking.  She uses various resources (online video and textbooks) to make lessons interesting and challenging.  She focuses on areas that you might need more work on and will also adjust the lessons to spend more time on things that you want to go over.  Lessons with her are easygoing and professional.  I recommend her to anyone interested in learning and improving their Korean language skills.” – Hyung K.

“I have engaged Suebeet to learn Korean for business and personal reasons.  She is friendly and courteous.  She is very adaptable to my learning habits and feeds me new material at a rate that challenges but does not overwhelm me.  I am progressing at a pace that I’m very happy with.  I would definitely recommend her for anyone who wants to learn Korean.” – Mark A.

“Extremely patient and efficient tutor. Does an excellent job of working with a pace that you are comfortable with, yet is still very thorough and comprehensive with her lesson plan. Highly recommended.”  Roz E.

“Excellent tutor! – Suebeet is an amazing tutor! She will take the time to get to know who you are and the mindset you are approaching class with! Also don’t be afraid to ask questions, whether it’s about class or Korean culture, etc. She is very open to answering them!” – Bella R.

“Suebeet is a fantastic teacher. I am so excited to finish my 1st Korean learning book with her in just 5 lessons. Thanks Suebeet! I really enjoy her lessons. Whoever wants to learn Korean should take Suebeet’s lesson.” – Silvia S.

“Suebeet is an excellent teacher. Her class is relaxed but also no nonsense. I was learning right away. She diligently tracked my progress and presented a dynamic and jam-packed lesson. She also kept me engaged and got me speaking right away! She gave me great preparatory materials before class, and laid out a clear vision for my learning and for future classes. She is also not shy about giving homework, which is crucial to continued learning!” – Francisco V.

“Drop everything else you are using to learn Korean and sign up with Suebeet. She can get you through the basics of learning Korean at a steady pace and is very professional with beginners. Highly recommended.” – Francisco R.

“I have been learning Korean for over a year with another private tutor before Suebeet. While my previous tutor helped lay the foundation for my Korean language skills, Suebeet has really brought out a new level of speaking from me that I had not anticipated being able to accomplish. She has a really good way of explaining things. She makes sure to explain both fundamental learning as well as modern abbreviations and slang so that when we speak to Korean speakers our age, we won’t sound out of date or weird. 🙂 I hope to continue taking classes with Suebeet. :)” – Stephanie R.

“I am Korean-American and have grown up with a life long desire to speak Korean. My parents tell me that I spoke mostly Korean up until the age of 5 at which point sadly, (for whatever reason) my parents decided not to speak Korean to me anymore because they did not want me to have an accent. I ended up losing all of the language and could barely speak a few words. I had developed a feeling of paralysis – my tongue became lame when it tried to speak the language that was so intimate and comforting to me as a young child. I was absolutely incapable of speaking it. I even became afraid of speaking the few words I did know because I had been teased for having terrible pronunciation. The embarrassment of not being able to speak one’s native tongue has been tremendously painful for me. I tried hiring a private korean tutor for a year. I spent another year listening to audio CDs in the car. Finally, I decided I needed someone to speak with me for me to learn it. I found Sue on craigslist. Even though it’s only been a few months with her, I can already see a big difference in my pronunciation and my understanding of the language has deepened. I have achieved more in three months with Sue than I have after a year of traditional tutoring and audio CDs. Sue has tailored the lessons to suit my needs for conversations and she listens and corrects me without judging me which was so important for me. I am so glad I found Sue and I can’t wait to progress further! Just regarding technical details, she is organized and reliable. It is easy to pay her and she provides coursework to follow so there haven’t been any additional costs beyond the price of the lessons. It’s been so convenient since we just connect over the phone. With two young children and working full-time, I wouldn’t even be able to attend a course at a school or college. Luckily, with Sue as my phone tutor, I can learn even better than I would in a classroom setting and it’s more convenient! There is nothing better than a win-win situation if you ask me!” – Justine P.

“I’ve been learning Korean for several months with Suebeet and it’s been great! She is super friendly, helpful with all kinds of questions, and tailors the lesson to the student’s needs whenever provided with feedback.” – Daniel H.

“Suebeet has been so incredibly helpful! As someone who’s spent a few years in Korea and is looking to keep increasing my fluency, she’s been incredible. She’s friendly, knowledgeable, and explains concepts well. I plan on continuing my education with her for the foreseeable future!” – Brad M.