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Korean Language Tutor | 한국어 선생님

Korean Dialect Coach – Los Angeles

Korean Dialect Coach, Script & Dialogue Translator in Los Angeles

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Does your script have a few lines or even a few pages of dialogue in Korean?

I have translated script/dialogue and dialect coach for large productions like “Castle” ABC and several TV pilot for TNT, CBS, etc. I provide MP3s – pronunciation guides and phonetic spelling. I meet with actors for rehearsal and on set. I coach actors who are not speakers of Korean to sound as though they speak it natively. I provide last minute script changes and coach actors any additional lines you may need during shoot.

Please note, I work at a deeper level of meaning. After reading the whole script, I will want to render the lines in a voice that is consistent with the character and the style of the writing using words that make sense in context. Ask for details and rates.

Behind the Scenes & On set of “CASTLE” Season 8 Episode 14 – Korean Dialect Coach, Script & Dialogue Translator in Los Angeles 


Currently working on ABC & TNT  TV pilot! Korean Dialect Coaching BEHIND THE SCENES & ON SET pictures will be posted very soon… ^^

Korean Conversation 일상회화: What do you want for lunch?

Learn Korean – Speak Daily Conversation (일상회화)
How to say: “What do you want for lunch?” in Korean Language Hangukeo.

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Korean Conversation 일상회화: I’m a bit busy at the moment.

Korean Conversation 일상회화: I’m a bit busy at the moment.

지금  바빠요.

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Korean Conversation 일상회화: “No plans yet.”

Korean Conversation 일상회화: No plans yet.
아직 계획 없어요.
Ajik Gyehoek eopseoyo.

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Korean Vocabulary: Hyori? = 멋있다! (cool/chic)

이쁜 이효리~ ^^ Why I love Hyori? = 멋있다! (meaning cool, chic)


Korean Conversation 일상회화 : 이번 토요일에 뭐해요?

Korean Conversation 일상회화 : What are you up to this Saturday?

이번 토요일에 뭐해요?

ibeon toyoire mwo haeyo?

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Korean Native Tongue: 만장일치 (consensus)

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고유어/사자성어 (Korean Native Tongue)

만장일치 (consensus) is used when all the congregated people have the same opinion.

Meaning: 만 “be full of”, 장 “year”, 일 “one”, 치 “guide”

만장일치 (consensus) refers to a situation when all people gathered in a place are of the same opinion.  When everybody agrees with an item, we say “만장일치 찬성 (a unanimous agreement)”, on the other hand, when everybody disagrees with an item, we say “만장일치 반대 (a unanimous disagreement)”. This word is often found in political systems or frameworks.

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