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신조어 (New Coinage)

스펙 : The proof of various abilities which job seekers have

‘스펙’ is from the English word ‘spec’ which is the contraction of ‘specification’, and it means the characteristic, function or performance of a certain product.  By the way, we began to use the word ‘스펙’ as the meaning of ‘취업을 위해 갖추고 있는 능력 (ability which is needed for finding a job), by comparing the job seekers to the products as if they are the products sold to the company.  We often say ‘스펙이 좋다/나쁘다 (spec is good/bad)’or ‘스펙을 쌓다 (build a spec)’, and we use it for anything needed for finding a job such as in ‘스펙 관리 (spec management)’, ‘외모 스펙 (appearance spec)’ and ‘합격 스펙 (pass spec)’.

Lately, the word ‘스펙’ earned a negative meaning as people use ‘스펙’ for almost everything which would help with finding a job such as school ties, regionalism, blood ties and even appearance which does not have anything to do with ability or skill.