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신조어 (New Coinage)

웃프다: Something is funny enough to laugh, but hurts feeling on the one hand 

As we live, we encounter a situation in which we feel multiple emotions at the same time. These complicated situations are hard to be defined with only a single emotion – sadness, fun, or anger. We sometimes feel fun or angry in the midst of sadness and suddenly start to smile.  Of the many combinations of various emotions, the word referring to fun and laughter that turns into sadness is called “웃프다 (funny and sad at the same time).” It is a combination of “웃-” from “웃기다 (funny)” and “-프다” from “슬프다 (sad).” You can say “웃픈 날이다 (Today is a funny and a sad day)”, “웃픈 이야기 (a story that is both funny and sad)” and “웃퍼요 (someone/something that is funny and sad).”