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질투의 화신 OST 라디 (Ra.D) – Lovesome

이제 곧… “질투의 화신”과도 이별을… ㅎㅎ 그동안 달달했습니다! 마지막 남은 몇 회들을 기대하며… 라디의 노래 즐감 하세요~ 몇시간 남은 일요일, 편안하게 쉬시고요! 언제나 해피 배움 되셈~ (Happy Learning as always~)


6 Outstanding Reasons for Your Kids to Learn Korean


With so many languages to choose from, you may be wondering why your child should learn Korean. Here are a few reasons why Korean may be the right choice for your little one.

1. The Korean language is growing in popularity.

Korean is the sixteenth most widely spoken language in the world, spoken by more than 78 million people, according to Boston University.

As South Korea has become a bigger player in the world economy thanks to its technological innovation and popular culture, Korean language learning has been on the rise, particularly among younger people. Young adults are recognizing the growing opportunities in Korea and adopting the language to give themselves a leg up over the competition.

2. The alphabet is easy to learn.

The Korean alphabet, Hangul, is a phonetic alphabet with 24 letters and is very easy to read and write.

It is written from left to right and it has a unique way of organizing its letters into syllables where consonants and vowels are neatly arranged in blocks.

3. Korean phonetics are easy for English speakers.

Korean phonetics come easily to English speakers. Korean is usually pronounced exactly the way it’s written.

4. Many Korean words are made up smaller, single syllable words.

Many compound Korean words are made up of single syllable words and you can usually take a rough guess at its meaning if you can recognize them.

5.  Help understand family background better. (For 3rd, 4th, 5th generation Koreans)

Learning Korean will help your child to understand their past. Maybe your ancestors lived in Korea. Maybe you have family or friends of Korean heritage. Learning about Korean language and culture will give your child a deep appreciation for his/her ancestors as well as for this ancient culture.

6. Learning Korean can be fun and easy.

My Korean tutoring for kids makes it fun and easy for kids to learn. (Ages 3 up to 18) Learning Korean can be a great way to give your child a head start and prepare him or her for the global economy. Contact me Today!


Check out outstanding reviews from my students’ parents. 

“My 8-year old daughter began private Korean language lessons with Suebeet almost 3 months ago (two 90-minute lessons per month) and she really loves her lessons.  Suebeet is very personable and keeps my daughter highly engaged throughout the 90-minute lessons.  More importantly, my daughter is learning quickly and efficiently – she has already learned the Korean alphabet and a number of vocabulary words and is eager to learn more with each lesson.  I highly recommend Suebeet if you have school-age children who are seeking to learn to read, speak and write Korean!” – Juliet O.

“Suebeet has been a great Korean teacher for my 3 year old son! He is very shy and timid but he quickly adjusted to her and the classes. I feel like he improves every week with new words and new phrases. She makes the class fun for my son and is very patient with him as well. He looks forward to his Korean classes. I highly recommend Suebeet for anyone at any age who wants to learn Korean for the first time or you’re just trying to improve your Korean!” – Minnie C.

Click here to view many more reviews.


The 10 Best Korean Books for Korean Language Students

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.31.13 PM

The 10 Best Korean Books for Korean Language Students

Why Reading Textbooks Can Help You Learn Korean

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth checking out Textbooks.

A Good Textbook:

  • Provides you with a framework for learning.
  • Helps you be familiar with Hangul.
  • Teaches you the basics in pronunciation.
  • Follows your desired pace in learning.

Reading a book may sound like a waste of time??? It’s too academic, too high-brow, when you only wanted to communicate like a modern day native speaker.

Sounds intuitive, doesn’t it? You just wanted to speak, so you practiced speaking. Unfortunately, common sense works against you in this case. Because, get this: if you want to speak right, you’re gonna have to do a lot of reading in your target language. Language acquisition requires you to connect the dots. “Listening” is just one of the dots. “Getting the context right” is one of the dots. “Imitating the native speakers” is one of the dots. “Reading,” sure enough, is also one of the dots.

So if you really want to learn a new language fast, then you better get on the couch and read! You have no idea how limited the speech-centric approach to learning a language really is. Here are some major reasons why reading books is the best way to go:

  • You need to learn the rules first. You can’t play around with a language (like everyday people do) until you learn the rules of grammar and style. Native speakers understandably take these rules for granted, or aren’t even aware that they exist! You listen to a native and what you hear are the grammar rules mangled in almost every way possible. You hear the richness of the language as exemplified by the exception to the grammar rules. The problem is, you won’t grasp any language just by learning about the exceptions! You first need to look into the underlying language principles that they break. Then you can practice breaking them just like any native speaker. Only then will you truly appreciate the language.
  • The brain is able to remember more when it sees things. Learning is facilitated by visual cues, and reading helps the brain remember by showing it the words and the pictures that the word represents.
  • Books contain a richer language. The speech-centric approach is inscrutably vague. Compared to the written word, the spoken word is very ambiguous. Average speakers don’t spend as much time choosing their words as writers do. So there is very little nuance in the spoken language.
  • Attack the language on all fronts. If you really want to learn a language fast, you need to attack it in every way possible. Confining yourself to a single learning source, you won’t be able to connect the dots and make out the big picture. You need to read, you need to talk to natives, you need to experience the language in all its facets.

Tips on Learning Korean Through Textbooks

Now that we’ve set those fears aside, here are a few more tips you have to keep in mind.

  • Follow the sequence. I’m sure some of you would want to skip the primary lessons and go straight to phrases that you can use in your business or in your travels. Don’t. You’ll find it harder to understand. It’s best to start with the basics. Follow the flow of the textbooks. These are written in the way to help you out. The essential vocabularies are slowly introduced to you and most books will use them again and again so you can clearly remember them. So don’t skip the lessons. Don’t jump to the middle.
  • Do the exercises. Most textbooks have accompanying workbooks. Some have exercises at the end of the chapters. Make sure you do them. Don’t think that as long as you browse the lessons, you’ll easily remember the way the syllables are written. That’s not true.
  • Practice. Once you’ve mastered the basics, take time to use what you’ve learned in your everyday life. This will help motivate you to learn more. Once you see its practicality and the fact that you can now inject Korean phrases into your daily life, you’ll want to keep learning and keep practicing.
  • Learn 5 words a day. Take it slow until you get it. Learning is never done overnight. You’ll remember the words better when you learn a few words a day. You’ll get to understand them more.

Alright, perhaps the above tips confirm everything that you’ve been dreading. Learning Korean will still take a lot of work.

If it makes you want to throw your hands up, there’s also another option: Take your first session with me. Book your session today!  I will create a customized approach tailored specifically for your needs.

All in all, my lesson provides high quality learning experience with online learning system. I have developed the best solution for everyone to learn Korean easier and faster with my program. You can be fluent in Korean and I will do my best efforts to guide you through the process. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Recommended For Beginner Level 1 to 6 Books

Recommended For Intermediate Level 1 to 2 Books

Recommended For Advanced Level 1 to 2 Books

Recommended Children’s Book

“태양의 후예” 너무 재미있었습니다!

처음에는 별로…라고 생각했는데! 저의 짧은 생각이었습니다. ㅋㅋㅋ 마지막 2-3회는 정말 최고였습니다! 송중기 “자꾸 그 어려운걸 해내지말입니다.” 거미의 You Are My Everything 너무 좋지말입니다…  노래가 너무 절절하지 말입니다. ㅋㅋㅋ

[MV] GUMMY (거미) – You Are My Everything | Descendants of the Sun OST

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.12.32 AM

“양화대교” 노래듣고 감상평 쓰세요~

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.28.01 AM양화대교 – 가수 “거미”

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.26.42 AM양화대교 – 가수 “자이언티”

이 노래를 약 2-3번 먼저 들어보세요. (참고로, 거미 노래는 가사를 읽을수 있어서 쉬워요~)

그리고 노래의 내용이 무엇인지 생각해 보고 아래  Comment box  에 느낀점을 써보세요.



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