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Korean Lesson

Korean Conversation 일상회화: Do you have a class this afternoon?

Learn Korean – Speak Daily Conversation (일상회화)
How to say: “Do you have a class this afternoon?” in Korean Language Hangukeo.

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Korean New Coinage: 캠핑족 (Camping tribe)

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신조어 (New Coinage)

캠핑족 (Camping tribe) : A group of people who loves camping

“캠핑족 (camping jok)” indicates a person or group of people who enjoy camping a lot. A camping jok goes to a camping very often, almost every weekend, at a near camping place, equipped with various camping tools, including tents, portable gas stoves, as well as portable pots and pans. Because of the increasing popularity of reality TV shows that show friends and families traveling together, many Koreans are being interested in camping and becoming a camping jok.

Korean Conversation 일상회화: What type of movie do you like?

Learn Korean – Speak Daily Conversation (일상회화)
How to say: “What type of movie do you like?” in Korean Language Hangukeo.

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Korean Conversation 일상회화: How’s the coffee?

Learn Korean – Speak Daily Conversation (일상회화)

How to say: “How’s the coffee?” in Korean Language Hangukeo.

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Tuesday Night Speaking Class for All Levels!


Practice, Practice, Practice!

From Hangul (ㅏ,ㅑ,ㅓ,ㅕ, ㄱ, ㄴ, ㄷ, ㄹ) to 죄송한데, 화장실이 어디에 있나요? This program is open to ALL levels!  

“Practice makes perfect.” Imagine you dedicate two hours a week to studying Korean online or in class, and then you turn off your computer (and brain) and leave your Korean aside until next week. Everything you learned the previous week will either be lost or require a long review. This pattern can be repeated the next week, and the next week, and the next week…

If improving your speaking is your goal, try to practice speaking at least once a week. 

Let’s take a look at a few excellent ways to practice speaking:

  • Speak with native speakers. Don’t let their perfect accents scare you. If you meet a native Korean speaker, don’t be shy. Greet them in Korean and watch them light up and complement you on your Korean!
  • Speak with other learners. You’re not alone! Odds are that if you’re reading this, you’re no stranger to the internet and all the resources it provides for learning new things and meeting new people.
  • Talk to yourself. It’s easy to forget how much time we spend in our own inner dialogues in our native language on a daily basis. This dialogue can be turned into wonderful practice simply by translating it into Korean!

Now, if you are ready to practice – Join conversation class today! Yes, ANY level can join! We can practice from Hangul to simple & complex sentences.

Conversation class meet once a week for 30 minutes each time. This class consist of exercises and discussions on different topics, as well as listening and pronunciation practice.


The Conversation program is different from the other courses that I offer because the lessons focus on listening and speaking. Students in the Conversation program will focus on different skills, including:

  • Communication: Learn techniques to ensure your audience understands your message.
  • Slang and Idioms: Master informal Korean by learning to recognize everyday expressions.
  • Pronunciation: Perfect your Korean by practicing specific vowel and consonant sounds, as well as rhythm and intonation.

Additionally, the curriculum in each class gives students exposure to global and local issues while challenging them in role-play and real-life situations.


Prerequisites:  None. This class is suitable for any level.

Class Time: Every Tuesday at 7:30PM PST


  • Regular Price $225 ⇒ Limited Time Offer $135 for 2 Months (Maximum of 9 sessions in 2 months)
  • Regular Price $450 ⇒ Limited Time Offer $255 for 4 Months (Maximum of 18 sessions in 4 months)

Course Method

  • Skype / Hangouts
  • Online Whiteboard

Attendance, Class size

  • Classes are held 30 minutes.
  • Small, personalized group classes.

Tuition Payment: Only Accept VENMO or send by Zelle

  • One time payment of $135 will secure your seat to this conversation class for 2 months.
  • One time payment of $255 will secure your seat to this conversation class for 4 months.

How to Enroll?

Korean Conversation 일상회화: Where are you going?

Learn Korean – Speak Daily Conversation (일상회화)

How to say: “Where are you going?” in Korean Language Hangukeo.

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Korean Language Class: Beginner Level 1 – Wednesday 8/30 Hangul Session (Skype/Hangouts)

Why You Should Learn Hangul – First! Foremost!!

It’s the Korean writing system. It was created to make language learning simple and easy. And believe me, it is. Of course, being able to read in the same speed as a native Korean is something that’ll take you many, many years to achieve but learning Hangul is extremely easy. Especially if you compare it to Japanese for example, which uses three writing systems. 🙂

Please don’t rely on romanization!…

Unlike the romanization of the Japanese language, romanized Korean is often not a very good representation of how the words are pronounced. But if you can read hangul, you’ll know exactly how the words are pronounced since there are relatively few exceptions!

I created this program for you to learn Hangul just in 4 sessions! Try this first session with me and you’ll know how easy it is!

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Korean Language Class Level: Beginner 1

Pre-requisite: None.

Class Schedule: Aug 30th, 2017.

Class Time: @ 8:10PM – 9PM PST (50 minutes)

Class Objective: We will cover the Korean alphabet (Hangul) – simple vowels and simple consonants. Emphasis is on skill building of the Hangul reading, writing, listening and pronunciation.

Course Method

  • Lecture
  • Skype / Hangouts
  • Online Whiteboard

Course Material

  • Textbook (PDF file) Beginner 1A, Beginner 1B, Hangul Sheet : I highly encourage you to print all 3 for this and future upcoming classes! You will need it.
  • Homework Assignment

Attendance, Class size

  • Classes are held 50 minutes.
  • Small, personalized group classes.

Pay Now (PayPal)Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.39.28 AM

  • One time payment will secure your seat to this session.
  • You will receive session enrollment confirmation via email after payment. (Please allow at least 4-6 hours.)

Korean Conversation 일상회화: Then, let’s eat pizza.

Learn Korean – Speak Daily Conversation (일상회화)

How to say: “Then, let’s eat pizza.” in Korean Language Hangukeo.

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Korean Conversation 일상회화: What do you want for lunch?

Learn Korean – Speak Daily Conversation (일상회화)
How to say: “What do you want for lunch?” in Korean Language Hangukeo.

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